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In my heart love, You don't feel as my adoptive daughter. For some reason I just don't understand what it is, but for some reason I don't see you like I see my children. It's something I don't even understand, and you known I understand everything. I guess what I am trying to say is that I...
Love You.


Actor Character Actor's Age
Chris Wood Christopher Blackwell
Thomas Blackwell
Grayson Blackwell
Chazarrae Blackwell
Carson Blackwell
Joseph Morgan Grayson Blackwell 37
Nina Dobrev Katerina Gilbert 29
Lily Rose Mumford Elizabeth Blackwell-Pierce 8
Bella Lotz Isabella Blackwell 10
Summer Fontana Hope Chamberlain 9
Daniel Gillies Harrison Blackwell 42
Maisie Richardson-Sellers Eva Sinclair 26
Alice Evans Esther Blackwell 47
Ethan Castro Jacob Blackwell 16
Riley Voelkel Adalyn Blackwell 28
Pierce Gagnon Kaiaphas Blackwell-Pierce 13
Phoebe Tonkin Charlotte Blackwell 29
Joe Lando Silas Balcoin 56
Joe Dinicol Niklaus Blackwell 34
Melissa Benoist Harper Blackwell 30
Main Characters
Christopher BlackwellEsther BlackwellNiklaus BlackwellAdalyn BlackwellThomas ChamberlainHarrison BlackwellCarson BlackwellInsidiousChazarrae BlackwellCharlotte Blackwell
Recurring Characters
Elizabeth Blackwell-PierceKaterina BlackwellRose BlackwellJacob BlackwellHope BlackwellKaiaphas Blackwell-PierceEva SinclairAnna BlackwellIsabella BlackwellDahlia BlackwellDominic Auschwitz
Uncredited Characters
Hope BlackwellAnna BlackwellSophia BlackwellOlivia Blackwell
Christopher BlackwellDahlia BlackwellSilas BalcoinAdalyn BlackwellNiklaus BlackwellHarrison BlackwellThomas ChamberlainCarson BlackwellInsidiousAnna BlackwellHarper BlackwellChazarrae BlackwellChristian BlackwellThomas BlackwellNicholas BlackwellKaiaphas Blackwell-PierceJacob BlackwellAdalyn Blackwell's Unborn DaughterRose BlackwellElizabeth Blackwell-PierceHope ChamberlainHayzyl ChamberlainLillian-Rose BlackwellSophia BlackwellIsabella BlackwellEva SinclairEsther BlackwellKatherine PierceOlivia BlackwellDominic AuschwitzThe HollowThe Ancestors
Thomas ChamberlainCharlotte BlackwellHope BlackwellHayzyl Chamberlainl Cham • Elizabeth Blackwell-PierceChazarrae BlackwellAnna BlackwellCarson Blackwell
Original Vampires
Harrison BlackwellThomas ChamberlainCarson BlackwellInsidious
Elizabeth Blackwell-PierceIsabella BlackwellHope Blackwell
Thomas ChamberlainHope ChamberlainHayzyl ChamberlainCharlotte BlackwellChristopher Blackwell
Christopher BlackwellThomas ChamberlainCarson BlackwellChazarrae Blackwell
Chaz and ElizabethChazarrae and IsabellaCarson and ElizabethCarson, Katherine and ElizabethChristopher and DahliaChristopher and ElizabethHarper and ChazAdalyn and RoseAdalyn and JezebelleDahlia and HopeBrandon and AdalynCharlie and KaiCharlie and EstherCharlie and ChristopherKai and HopeKai and ElizabethJacob, Elizabeth, Isabella and RoseGrayson and RoseDominic and Hayzyl
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Thomas's Family MansionThe AbattoirBlackwell MansionChazarrae's PenthouseStarling NecklaceBlackwell TalismanBlackwell Talisman
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Male Characters
Christopher BlackwellSilas BalcoinNiklaus BlackwellThomas ChamberlainHarrison BlackwellCarson BlackwellGrayson BlackwellChazarrae BlackwellChristian BlackwellThomas BlackwellNicholas BlackwellKaiaphas Blackwell-PierceJacob BlackwellDominic Auschwitz
Female Characters
Esther BlackwellDahlia BlackwellAdalyn BlackwellHarper BlackwellElizabeth Blackwell-PierceRose BlackwellHope ChamberlainHayzyl ChamberlainSophia BlackwellLillian-Rose BlackwellOlivia BlackwellAnna BlackwellAdalyn Blackwell's Unborn DaughterKaterina BlackwellCharlotte Blackwell
Undetermined Gender
The Hollow
Deceased Characters
Eva SinclairDahliaAdalyn Blackwell's Unborn DaughterJacob Blackwell's FatherLillian-Rose BlackwellKaiaphas Blackwell-PierceSilas Balcoin

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